lux prima

“An Encounter With Lux Prima”, Multi-Sensory Art Installation, Marciano Foundation, Los Angeles, 2019.

To debut their collaborative album “Lux Prima“, Karen O and Danger Mouse imagined an immersive listening environment in which they could expand upon its story. Augmented by projection mapping, lasers, multi-channel surround audio and environmental effects, selected tracks from the album were woven together to give lucky visitors a truly transcendent experience.

Watch Karen O & Danger Mouses ‘Encounter With Lux Prima’ Documentary

Key Contributions
  • Iterative spatial development
  • Previz
  • Audience and fixture layout
  • Projection design

Full Credits:

Music: Karen O & Danger Mouse
Creative Direction: Barnaby Clay
Sound Design: Ren Klyce
Sound Engineer: Brian Long
Lighting Design: Tobias Rylander
Projection & 3D content: Obscura
Projection Video Content: Davy Evans
Stone Sculptor: Roger Hopkins
Producer: Mungo Maclagan
Executive Producer: Like Mgmt
Executive Producer: MSG
Associate Executive Producer: Yael Greenberg
Scenic & Special Effects, Built Visuals and Show Fabrication: Knotty Pine
Poster Art: Warren Fu
Poster design: Julian Gross
Installation scent: Persephenie Studio